Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mack Andrew Hethcote...Cousin #4!

Mack is here!!! He was 7'11 and 20"! I'm obviously posting pictures but if I weren't a picture poster I would STILL post pictures of this beautiful baby! He is beyond perfection. Look at him!
I don't realize until they are here, how fast I am going to fall in love. You forget the joy and excitement that you feel about a precious new life. Oh my feels better than Christmas morning as a little girl. I'm so proud of my sister and Andy. A little proud of them for making ANOTHER gorgeous baby!, but so very proud of how they handle life, how they love people,especially their son (now sons) and how they find great joy in Christ and how they love Him. I'm pretty sure that God chose the perfect parents to raise two little boys only a year apart wonderfully to exude love. I am so so excited to watch Hank and Mack grow up with Andy and Shea as their parents.

The boys now have their third boy cousin. Only one girl cousin as of now. We are all so excited.

Here are quite a few pictures from the waiting room madness AND of everyone first getting to meet Mack. I just love him.

*about to meet mack*
*waiting room fun*
*baby mack is here*
*sweet family*
*my sister is gorgeous*
*uncle nic*
*aunt morgan*
*uncle jordan*
*aunt kendra*

Can I get one of these in pink, please?!??!
Coming very first very newborn photo shoot featuring Mack Andrew. You'll get to see more of all that hair! I'll be posting some of them on here and some at


Anonymous said...

Morgan, I just love your photos. Such great angles. Of course you also have some very photogenic subjects you are working with. Hope you are able to turn it into a career if you want to. Kim Chill

The Irwins said...

Sooo precious - I'm so glad Mack's here safe and healthy!

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