Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day with TWO Babies.

Pictures from February 14, 2009 (Jax 22 months, Maddox 13 days) 
We celebrated our first Valentine's Day while having TWO baby boys.  It was still so very wonderful!!!  My husband came home Friday from work with a dozen red roses and because of my lovely in-laws who watched Jaxson, we went out to eat with Maddox on Saturday evening.  It was wonderful to have a night out and sweet Maddox slept the entire time.  Jeremy is the most wonderful husband and I often find myself thanking my sweet Saviour for blessing me the most wonderful man alive.  He is the greatest daddy to our TWO boys (so fun to say) and makes me feel more than adored all the time.
Here are some pictures from Valentines morning of the boys with their Valentines stuffed animals and Jaxson's "tantee," (candy.)  The last pics are of Maddox dressed up to go out to eat with mommy and daddy.  He was asleep in his car seat the whole time so no one got to see him  but we were still so proud and kept looking at how cute he looked.  haha.  It's so much fun having two babies!!!  

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