Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baby Hallee Shea. The boys have a baby girl cousin!!!

On March 18, 2009 Hallee Shea Trent was born.  She is the first girl and is so unbelievably beautiful.  My brother, Jordan, and his wife, Bethany, are the parents.  Oh my goodness, this precious princess has a full head of black hair and these eyes that are so bright, and these little hot pink lips.  She is all girl who wears lots of pink with big bows.  Jeremy and I went on our first road trip with Jax and Maddox to go meet our first niece and the boys' first girl cousin.  The road trip could use a whole blog to itself but it was definitely worth it.  Hallee has blessed us all but I do have to say that she is also a blessed little girl.  She has the most wonderful Mimi and Papi and the most fun, greatest parents.  She also has a large handful of aunts and uncles who LOVE her, the sweetest big brother and two boy cousins, and another boy cousin on the way who all will protect this precious girl.  Thank you, Lord, for beautiful Halle Shea!!!!!!  Congratulations Jordan and Beth!!!

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