Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hank Dea Hethcote...a post LONG overdue!

My sister, Crystal Shea, and her husband, Andy gave birth to Hank Dea Hethcote on July 30, 2009. This baby is PERFECT. He has these kissable lips that are so great, the cutest little nose, precious eyes, and all this hair. His features are eye catching as he is one of the four most handsome little boys I know! I had an idea of the excitement I would feel when Hank was born from the familiar feeling of Rex and Hallee being born but I would have never guessed the incredible feeling it is to share motherhood with my sister. I'm not sure I can still even explain it. I just know that it feels my heart with this joy, this comfort in sharing, this new bond, a pride for my little is just wonderful. I'm so thankful for Crystal and all the things I have already learned from her as a mom. I'm so excited to have her to share in raising our boys together. Thank you, Lord for Hank and for the blessing of motherhood you have bestowed on my sister and me.

...and the four cousins become five. ;)

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The Irwins said...

Such beautiful children!! Love you guys :)

Jeremy and Kelley