Sunday, April 4, 2010


April 4, 2010".Happy Easter. I know, I'm a little late and the day is almost over but it seems like now, at the end of the
day, after all the excitement, is when I can
best think about the meaning of Easter...
How thankful I am for my Savior!!! How thankful I am that He is risen!
Have you ever tried explaining the meaning of Easter to a near three year old??? Not me, until a couple days ago. We talked about Jesus being God's Son, that He came to Earth, where we live, to die for our sins, like disobeying or being mean to eachother and things like that. Then, after He died, He rose again. He's not dead anymore. He's alive. ...And because of that and if we love God, we can spend forever in Heaven with Jesus!!!
Jaxson gave me a huge, excited gasp. Wow, I thought, I am an amazing mom who is GREAT at explaining Easter to a three year old.
Then the reason for the gasp followed my prideful thought.
"Heaven? We get to see Cooper?!?!!"
Oh well. We'll try to explain it again soon. At least he's excited about Heaven, right?

Also, quote of the day and the picture that captured it:
"Stop blowing my eggs, wind!!!"

And I LOVE this picture of my three guys and how serious the easter egg h
unt looks! They make my heart happy.

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