Thursday, July 15, 2010

i. miss. blogging.

i've missed you.
there is so much to catch up on but for now i will just blog the latest.

like...the very latest.

jaxson and maddox are getting big.
i want a little girl.
jaxson played t-ball this summer...we had four games which included the parents standing in the field with their little players. not sure how much jax learned but his mom got some GREAT pictures of her future star.!
maddox is in a toddler bed. why? not sure. he went to sleep so easily in his crib and wasn't even trying to climb out. but i saw this little toddler bed and thought about how cute he would be in it ...and bought it. silly me.

i'm watching rex and hallee every other week...with help. usually only three-ish days during the week. they are so beautiful.
rex is a ninja.
hallee is about to be a big girl...she is taking 3-4 steps at a time.

they all four are sleeping right this very minute.
i found time to blog. ...with the dishwasher running and the coffee pot brewing and the living room straightened...oh yes, time to blog.

crystal, my sister, is due one week from today. i am so excited to meet my newest nephew.
hank will be one year minus 8 days on mack's due date.
when hank visits...he wants to walk so badly like his older boy cousins. he also mimics so much and will be talking before my maddox who is quite a bit older. hank can also play the harmonica.
such talent, those hethcotes! baby making and harmonica playing!
crystal is beautiful and glowing.

kendra is also beautiful and glowing. she is having a beautiful baby (i say beautiful because every one of us trent kids have had only beautiful babies so it's destined.-it's ok to brag about your own kids, right??) due in february. can't wait to know if she will add to the large amount of boys or help princess hallee out on the girl side!

my parents, in february, will have 7 grand babies. they are ALL in this picture.
God is so good.

i've began a little photography business. i'd love for you to check it out.

it's taking up time but i absolutely love it and love learning it and love making a little career of it.

now on a more spiritual note,
i feel like lately i've had to take one day at a time -in the midst of hardships and lovely blessings- some days are a bit stressful
but...looking back (on just yesterday or even this morning) i see myself trying to control and orchestrate.
sadly i still haven't figured out the impossibility of that...especially with children! :)
but this verse that i fully believe contradicts my actions...and is so so encouraging.

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean NOT on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge HIM, and He will direct your path.

*that's from memory so it may not be word for word.*

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Crystal Chilek said...

YEAH MORGAN! You blogged! :) So good to catch up with you today! See you soon!