Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Think He Peed On Me!...and other randomness.

Funny story.  The following two pics are of my big brother, Nic, and his girlfriend, Brittney.  This was Brittney's first time to hold Maddox and she was a little nervous because it was also her first time to hold any newborn.  Of course, she had no problem and looked perfectly calm holding him.  I noticed a while later that she was still holding him and I told her to give him to me as soon as she got tired of holding him.  She said, "Ok, I'm not tired of holding him...but I think he peed on me."  She pulled him away from her body and her shirt and his were both soaked.  POOR BRIT!!!  No wonder she was nervous to hold him in the first place!  I couldn't stop laughing.  I felt so bad. 

Here is Jaxson taking advantage of feeding time and coloring all over his body.  This is actually close to an every day occurence.
My little photo shoot of Maddox at 9 days old...
UPDATE:  Maddox is now 19 days old.  He was born at 8 lb 9 oz and was almost back to his original birth weight at his 1 wk appt weighing in at 8 lb 7 oz.  At his 2 week...Surprise!!!..he had gained a whole whopping pound.  Our big boy was 9 lb 7 oz.  Way to go Maddox!  He's growing too fast for his mommy.

Proud big Brother...I think I win the prize for most handsome boys EVER!...including Jer.  :)
Nana and Papa Jack with their two grandson's.  
This was after finger painting that got carried seemed much easier to throw him in the sink than to transfer Maddox's swing to the bathroom while bathing a toddler.  I don't know...I'm learning as we go.
Meet my friend Rachel!!!  She is whose photography work you all admire so much!!!
Jordan, Bethany, and Rex came for a visit this past week.  Rex LOVED Maddox and was so precious with him.  He is going to be the most wonderful big brother to his baby sister, Hallee Shea!
So much for all of our baby toys...Maddox doesn't get to enjoy them quite as much as Jaxson did.  He has a King Kong brother to worry about before he gets to figure those toys out.  So does his mommy.  What shall we do???  I'm sure it doesn't help matters that instead of saying no to Jax...I run and get the camera!  HA!
And last but not least picture of the blog today...MY AMAZING husband, Jer.  Doesn't Maddox look like a doll just cradled up to Jer?  Love to see my big strong man father my sweet precious babies.


Anonymous said...

I love reading your "randomness", Morgan. It always makes me smile! 'Love you and your BEAUTIFUL family! :)

Aunt Beth said...

Me too! I especially liked hearing your voice on the video of "hiccups". Although I thought it was your MOM at first!! You're a sweet sweet Mommy! Love you!

Morgan Rae said...

Thank you both!!! It actually was my mommy's voice. She is the sweetest mommy. LOVE YOU!!!