Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Maddox's First Impression at Church!!!

This past Sunday was Maddox's first time to go to church.  We have been attending church at Lifepoint in Longview with my parents.  Sidenote: my dad is planting a church in Lindale and the pastor at the church in Longview is mentoring him and their church is helping to support.  That being said, we don't know many people there at all.  We were a little late into the service and sat near the back.  So...the people sitting behind us saw that we had a newborn but those in front of us probably did not.  Lifepoint is actually adopting a school somewhere in Africa and a couple people just got back from there and were giving their testimonies.  Maddox did so good.  He slept most of the time and when he was awake was so quiet.  EXCEPT for...in the middle of part of a testimony that was a little emotional...Maddox let out the loudest, most gigantic toot EVER...well, it was more than just a toot.  Anyway, the funniest part about this story is that the people behind us were laughing with us...none of us could stop laughing...it was seriously ridiculously loud.  BUT the people in front of us didn't move their heads at all.  I'm sure they had no idea we had a baby with us and thought is was one of us.  Anyway, I was so proud of my son.  :)  What a way to make your first appearance at church.
Back to the sidenote...Please be praying for my parents and my family as we will be a part of the church plant as well.  We are so very excited for this new part we have i
n God's great adventure.  
These pics are 3/3/09...  Jax and Maddox on Maddox's first day at church.

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