Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Maddox Michael by Rachel

My sweet friend, Rachel, took pictures of Maddox...again...in our home.  (She did some at the hospital too!)  She did a FABULOUS job.  Thank you so much Rach!  You should definitely call her to do pictures for you!  www.rachelrobinsonphotography.com

So...Maddox is getting so big.  I'm pretty sure he's over 10 lbs.  I'm already excited for his 2 month appointment just to see how big he is.  We have about a month to wait.  :)  He has started cooing and I love it!  He LOVES to be held.  If I would let him sleep in bed with me I think he would sleep all night long.  He is still smiling all the time.  I really think he is just naturally happy and he is truly smiling.  SO FUN!  He is such a beautifully handsome baby.  I'm anxious for his features to become more distinct and for his personality to continue to blossom.  Have fun looking at these awesome pictures!!!

My mom painted this banner (above).  She's so talented!
Aunt Lauri (Jer's aunt, Jack's sister) made these awesome hats for Maddox.  I'm going to have to start taking orders for her, I get so many compliments. 

This blue afghan was made for Jaxson by my sweetest gma Vonnie and the polka dot one was a gift for Maddox from Justin and Abbie.  Thank you!

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