Friday, August 21, 2009

Expectations and the Fourth of July

Do you sometimes get frustrated with yourself for struggling with the same things that you have always struggled with. It seems for me, that I continue to struggle with the same types of sins but the difference is when I learn how to deal with those turning them over to the Lord instead of trying to conquer them on my own. In my 27th year of life I find myself still having expectations...out of others, myself, and even out of just
life in general. For example, this last fourth of July, I had expectations to spend it with all of Jeremy and I's family together. All of us! Of course, this was just what I had in mind but every one, of course, had different types of plans. I got so frustrated in my heart because my ideal fourth of July didn't pan out. Sometimes, I am left frustrated and just have to pray until I get over it. But this fourth of July, God truly blessed me. This fourth of
July, Jaxson was two. Probably enough said but I will go into a little more detail.
We ended up going to Jeremy's parents house and my parents also came over there. We did snakes and poppers before it got dark. Jaxson thought that was pretty cool...but then it got dark~! Jeremy got some great stuff that made Jaxson's eyes light up like it was the greatest thing on earth!!! Although, all of our siblings weren't there, and my expectations weren't met,
God far exceeded my expectations just by seeing the joy in the eyes of my two year old. I'm sure I will continue to seek the Lord in my continuing struggle of expectations but I am thankful for this lesson. God is so good.

Superman joined us after fireworks and a bath! ;)