Monday, September 14, 2009

Growling baby Maddox.

My sweet baby Maddox has learned to communicate...through his growls. No kidding, he has a growl for anger, joy, he growls as he falls asleep, a warning growl for Jax when he gets too close...I mean, it's pretty stinkin' awesome. What else are you suppose to do when you can't talk, right? Not only can M growl but he, in his seventh month of life, has learned to wave, give great slobbery, open-mouth kisses (he must've learned that from his dad! *j/k baby*), and is on the road to being a remarkable crawler. Right now, it's an army crawl/scoot. So...I hope you enjoy these videos. They are both a little long but you can get the point from the beginning of them so don't feel like you have to watch them all the way through. Love you my friends and family. Thank you for humoring me by reading my blog as I show off my two baby loves!!!

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Courtney Hope said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my last post. It really does mean the world...

I am loving your blog! Your family is so beautiful and it's so great to see pics of your boys. Too adorable-