Tuesday, January 26, 2010

cereal and milk.

January 26, 2010.

So, I feel like this little picturesque blessing was just for me from God. No one else will probably get as much joy from it but that's ok. I will still share the picture with you.
Jax just recently started eating cereal with milk. When he finished eating the cereal this morning, there was milk left in the bowl.

"OH! Is this for me?!?!?"

He started drinking. "Mmmm. Mmmm. Mmmm. So yummy in my tummy!"
First of all, just hearing him say that was adorable.
Second of all, it took me straight back to when my brothers and I would sit at the kitchen table and drink the pink-stained lucky charm milk from our bowls. BEST TASTING MILK EVER!!!

And since I'm not feeling well which leaves me a little emotional, I took this as God brightening my coughing plagued morning.

As for Maddox and doing something cute...he chased this balloon around for a good hour before going to bed.
Have a lovely Tuesday.

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The Yates said...

That Jax is too cute! Lucky charms are my absolute favorite! Eli and I make a good team, I eat the marshmellows and he eats the boring stuff!