Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Madness

January 25, 2010.

This song by Watermark from an older cd has been in my head. I think it is quite appropriate to share for those of us who feel little strength and very tired on a Monday Morning.
May you seek the Lord for joy in Him will be your strength.

Arise and be comforted
For the Lord, He is good to the weary
And even the young heart can tire and fall
But He knows them all
For the Lord, He will renew their strength
And they will soar on wings as eagles
And they will run and never grow weary
They will walk and not grow faint
For the Lord, He is good
Lift your eyes to the heavens
For the creator is living in you
Come surrender as you are

And know that you’ll never stray too far
Let His power within you heal your heart
Lift your eyes to spacious skies
Let Him chart your way to flight
Spread your wings and fly
For the Lord, He is good

So, this Monday morning has been eventful. Jaxson asked if he could please please please poop in his diaper as soon as he woke up. I told him no and that if he went in the toilet he would get another sticker? He said he wanted a movie instead. Oh, how plans backfire. HA!

Do you remember the big rain and all of the tornados from Wednesday night last week? Here are some pics of the boys running through the rain! They both LOVED it! My baby M is getting too big if he is able to run (walk) through the rain.

I must go! I just heard, "Mom, I pooped in the toilet!" My mommy potty training skillz are MAD!!! I guess a sticker was sufficient.

Happy Monday!!

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The Yates said...

I love this pictures and you know what? I've never let Jacob play in the rain! What a bad Mom! So next time it rains I'm so going to let the boys...that is if there's no lighting. :o)