Saturday, January 23, 2010


January 23, 2010

I have a couple of confessions for you this lazy, rainy Saturday evening.

CONFESSION #1: My son, Jaxson, is NOT potty-trained. I tell people he is but he isn't completely.

Is that a lie? Sometimes I try to explain but most of the time when people ask, I just say that he is. He DOES wear undies and he does pee in the potty but he does NOT do the other. So, call me a liar.


I began a poopy potty chart. When Jax goes in the toilet, he gets to put on a sticker. If he goes in his diaper (which he wears at naps and at night) he has to take a sticker off. Once he gets 3 stickers, he gets a movie.
(lame chart)
Today he received sticker number three!

We bought Ice Age.

confession #1b. Talking about lies, I lied to my doctor about Maddox saying "mama" and "dada" at nine months. He does say both but not specifically for each of us. I thought he was suppose to be doing this by now so I lied. I looked it up later on and it wasn't something he should necessarily be doing by that point. Lied for no reason just so someone would think my child was perfect. Confessing these lies makes me feel like a loser. :)
Sidenote: is my favorite site for ANY questions I have about my kids.

CONFESSION #2: My sometimes struggle with contentment has already been passed on to my two year old.

Jaxson opened Ice Age when we got home and realized it had TWO movies in it. Ice Age 1 and Ice Age 2. He was soooooo excited with this great discovery. He didn't get one movie for pooping in the potty, he got TWO!!! Within, 15 minutes of the first movie Jaxson began looking at the second disc.

"Is this movie almost over?"
"When this one is over, can I watch the next one?"
"Look at the picture on this one."

Jeremy told him just to enjoy the movie that was on and that because he was worrying about watching the second movie, he was missing the one that was on.

Me. Me. Me. I am sooooo like that.

"In one more hour it will be nap time."
"When the boys wake up, we can do this or that."
"3o minutes until Jeremy gets home."

I am constantly thinking about what is going to happen next instead of being content in what is going on at the time.

Phillipians 4:10-23 is such a great reminder in having peace in our circumstances. v.11 "Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am."

I will be praying that I am content in my day to day, hour to hour circumstances instead of wishing or worrying about the next thing that will or won't happen.

CONFESSION #3: I am the laziest mom today. Yes, Jax did get to watch the second movie when the first one was over. :)
And look what I found while lazily browsing my favorite blogs! A letter wall from oh, hello friend! I want one in my house!

Happy content, lazy Saturday to you all.


Lindsay said...

I CRACKED up reading this. Can totally relate. Lied to my doc about how many times a day Owen poops at his 2 month check up. When I left, I thought "WHY on earth did I LIE about that?!? It is POOP!!!!! But I felt the same way you did, he wouldnt be up to par if he didnt poop x amount of times per day!! LOL!! Way to confess it girl. Confession is SOO good and ESSENTIAL for the soul. Love ya!

Dawn said...

You are such a liar--like every other mom has done! I too love that wall!

Becky said...

you crack me up. would it be ironic if I complimented you and told you how much I love your honesty on this blog? ;) I find it SO hard to be with other moms and face the reality that my child may not be where everyone elses child may be so I totally get where you are coming from. Your children are both precious and wonderful and you are an AMAZING mom! love you!

Morgan Rae said...

ha! I'm so glad I have friends that understand and relate! Love you guys.

The Irwins said...

I constantly have to remind myself to be content also. This is a great reminder - thanks Morgan!

seasonsofgrace said...

funny i've always been impressed by your ability to be content. you are always grateful too. i think you are doing a great job with your life and family. don't be too hard on yourself!