Friday, January 15, 2010

A couple Things to Share with YOU!

January 15, 2010

I had the most wonderful day today! I took the boys to the library and met a couple friends and their boys there too!
Darisse and Braeden.
Amber and Luke and David. (old pic)
SO FUN! For all of you Lindalians...the Lindale Library has a Reading Time at 10 a.m. every Friday for kids.

THEN, my friend Amber and her two boys came over for the afternoon. I LOVE this friend. Her son, Luke, and Jaxson get along so well and Maddox and David are starting to be old enough to play together. I am so thankful for friends. It's such a blessing from God to have people outside of your family to learn from and share with.

My two other things to share are a couple links that were shared with me.
First, a link for FREE photo-cards! I can ALWAYS find something to do with these...something like Maddox's first birthday that is coming up. Just click HERE and it will take you to the FREE-ness. ;)
Lastly, a recipe I have not yet tried but that was shared with me by my sweet sister, Kendra. BANANA COOKIES

Have the most wonderful weekend eating cookies and ordering free prints with your friends!


Anonymous said...
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Casey Wallace said...

Hey Morgan. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Just caught up with you. Your kids are adorable! I know Amber is so thankful to have you as a friend, too. It's great that you two have each other - and a big bonus that you both have two sweet little boys that can grow, learn and play together!