Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My husband.

January 19, 2010

I love my husband.

I'm always blogging about my boys and my life and such but I need to take a time out to talk about how wonderful Jeremy Gauntt is.

First of all, I am a wimp. Jeremy had to go out of town Sunday afternoon, spend the night away and not come home until yesterday evening. I've been loving blogging lately but it had me all out of whack that I couldn't even get myself together to write a little something. To all my friends that have husbands that work out of town a lot, I think you are amazing. To all my friends that are single mommy's, I think you, too, are amazing.

My husband is a rock solid man. His love for me is unquestionable. His adoration for our boys makes my heart melt. His affirmation, his even temper, and most importantly his love for God are big chunk of what makes me strong.
This may be completely sickening but I know that part of what makes me a good mom is my wonderful husband. We are one. I also know that part of what makes a good husband is a good wife...so I must be excellent, right?!?! Just kidding.
I'm just so thankful and wanted to just love on him in my blog for a moment.

Basically, neither of us can actually take credit for our precious boys or any good parenting we do, it's just by God's grace. But if we COULD take credit, I wouldn't be able to take ANY without Jeremy being a part of it. Does my rambling make since??

Onto other things, he got to be off for the day since he worked on Sunday. LOVELY. So, we did what any couple would do in the middle of January. Took down our Christmas lights. HA! Really, we (he) DID do that but that wasn't the great part. We took the boys to the Brookshires Wildlife Museum. Anybody been? It's pretty cool AND pretty FREE!!! Jaxson continually asked us or told us that the animals were not real. He was pretty intense about it. Anyway, it was so fun to spend time with the boys AND Jer. I loved it.

I am SO thankful to my God for blessing me with my husband. Again, my cup overflows.

p.s. The first two pictures are by my friend Rachel. Check out her site!!!


Sarah Castor said...

What amazing love you write of! I think it is simply beautiful the way you talk about him! Thank you for sharing!

Lindsay said...

I think this was great! Many of us do have wonderful husbands that we need to dote on more! I'm like you with my blog, its mainly about Owen...I need to give some credit to my hubby too! Thanks for opening my eyes to this! :) Love ya!

Dawn said...

Beautiful post about your husband! The museum story and the picture with his hand in the alligator's mouth reminded me of when we took a picture at Sea World that appeared we were getting eaten by a shark. My nephew was obsessed with the picture--worried, fascinated and...mostly really worried! LIttle boys are funny!

Morgan Rae said...

Thanks for the comments. It's easy to write lovely things about a man who loves me and loves the Lord, ya know?