Thursday, February 4, 2010

Morning time With God AND sick baby.

February 2, 2010.

Last night, I resolved to spend time with the Lord FIRST thing this morning. I have so many excuses for not doing so...mainly the boys. But I thought I would get up immediately after Maddox's first feeding (he goes right back to sleep) and meet with my Father.

Maddox ended up being up until 1 a.m. He went down at nine but his cute little puppy birthday present started barking at 11 and woke him up. RRRRRRRG! I use to love that stuffed animal! I spent the next two hours putting him back to sleep. *and shredding the sweet dog*

I got in bed and prayed for the Lord to give me strength to still meet with him later that morning.

Maddox woke up at 6. Ate. Never went back to sleep. He has a fever. Thank goodness his one year check up is today. I guess he just partied a little too hard for his birthday! ;) I felt God encouraging me, still, to meet with Him.

I decided Maddox and I would meet with the Lord together. We trudged into the kitchen and plopped down at my little red desk chair and began in my study. I read outloud, prayed outloud, and wrote outloud. Maddox just cuddled in my arm (which now feels like jello.--he's still there.) What I thought would be an UN-intimate time with the Lord was actually very intimate. I almost had another excuse not to meet with HIM but how He blessed us with His presence for obeying.

I hope I don't seem prideful. If you've read earlier posts, finding time, making time, and obeying the Lord in this area have always been a struggle for me. I guess I'm just excited to share and encourage you too!

Lamentations 3:22-24
"The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases, his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is thy faithfulness. "The LORD is my portion," says my soul, "therefore I will hope in him."

Ecclesiastes 11:8 the message
"Don't take a single day for granted. Take delight in each light-filled hour."

Our God is so so good!
Have the loveliest Thursday finding your JOY in our LORD!