Monday, February 8, 2010

Quotes from Jax.

February 8, 2010.

I have many things to share with you but lack the space on my computer to upload any pictures. So, until I can get them stored elsewhere...I will have to leave you with a couple quotes from Jaxson this morning. He is oh so wise. ;)

"Mommy, I hurt. My bottom hurts." (he fell on a toy in the shower and actually has a bruise on his bum.)
"My bottom will feel better if you give me some cheewios."

Jaxson went potty and I'm not sure how a child so small can poop sooooooo much. I asked him how he had so much inside of him.
"God put it in my stomach and it grew and then it came out!"
We have recently been talking about babies because my sister, Crystal, is pregnant. God puts the babies there and they grow in our bellies and then they come out.
I guess He does the same with poop. :)

#3. At Maddox's 1 year ck up they had to take blood. Jax must be weak like his mommy. His mouth got all quivery and he said,
"Mat-mat, don't cwy, cwy, cwy, cwy, cwy (cry). It's ok Mat-mat. Mommy, I don't want Maddox to get bleed."
Sooooo sweet. He was so distraught that another nurse took him away to get stickers.
(by the way, Maddox was 75% in height, and 30% in weight. My tall and lean baby boy.)

Proverbs 10:1a
"A wise child brings joy to a father." *Although these quotes aren't 'wise,' this verse made me laugh when I ran across it in regards to this post.

Have joy this rainy, Monday morning. Laughter is so good for the soul!


Dawn said...

Do you know all the pictures you post on the blog are also stored on Picasa? I don't believe they are stored in a very large format but if you have pictures that you take just for fun (like your blog) that you probably won't be printing in a large size, it might be a good storage solution for you.

Sweet baby stories!

Louise said...

Cute! I love the things that they come up with! I think it's great that you're blogging about things that happen bc you'll have a record of it later when you've forgotten some of it. Love ya!

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