Monday, February 15, 2010

Such a Slacker.

February 15, 2010.

I had been doing so well on my blog and loving every minute of it. Let me just catch you up real quick. Jax was sick Monday, woke up Tuesday crying because his throat hurt so bad, rushed to the Direct Care around 7, just a virus, came home a played Mariokart and watched t.v. all day. What else is a sick boy, his mom and brother to do?? Rex and Hallee came over on Wednesday and Thursday,
SNOW DAY on Friday,

Entertaining at Home party Saturday, Saturday evening-a little Valentines dinner with my hot man,
Sunday was church, and here we are Monday having not blogged for a week. We went over to Jordan's today and played with Rex and Hallee.
Fun times with them and my sister, Kendra. Here's to no big plans for the rest of the week, a little gym time, kids time, and much needed time with the Lord. Hope you all have had a lovely Monday and we'll chat tomorrow!!!

"Seek the Lord and His strength; seek His presence continually." Psalm 105:4

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Dawn said...

what cute little kids playing in the snow! Looks like on sick days, you made the right choice of activities.